China adds 52 companies to list of approved PV suppliers


China’s Ministry of Industry & Information Technology (MIIT) has this week added 52 solar companies to its list of approved firms that qualify to meet the entrance requirements for the domestic PV market.

MIIT first announced a list of 109 approved companies late last year as the government sought to bring a greater degree of standardization to China’s solar industry.

Approved companies are expected to abide by PV industry standards that, it is hoped, will stimulate consolidation among smaller Chinese PV suppliers and lead to a clearer, better organized industry.

The 161 companies on the approved list are eligible for more state-backed support in terms of financing and export tax rebates, and it is notable that 57 of the approved 161 companies are located in Jiangsu provice – a region of China that has enjoyed rapid PV growth in the past 12 months.

To be included in the approved list, a Chinese PV company must be able to meet a set level of criteria, including but not restricted to the volume of solar cells that are converted in modules; a minimum manufacturing capacity for ingots, polysilicon and wafer production, and a good standard of environmental conditions at their manufacturing sites.

MIIT announced that it will review and update the application process every six months, adding new companies that meet the criteria and kicking out any enterprises that fall below the standards set.

Back in January, industry analysts IHS predicted that China’s list – while beneficial domestically – was unlikely to have too much of an impact on overseas markets given that only the largest, most sophisticated Chinese solar PV companies ventured into international waters.