New platform for home appliances to interact


Homeowners keen to reduce energy usage via ‘the internet of things‘ were given a lift this week with the launch of a platform that permits home appliances, including solar-driven heating and lighting systems, to interact.

With industry names such as Samsung, Nest, Silicon Labs, ARM and Freescale on board, the open platform was launched by the Thread Group on Tuesday, according to a report on the website.

The new platform uses the latest internet protocol – IPv6, which assigns device ID and location on the internet – with the 6LoWPAN functionality that permits even the smallest, low-energy devices to be part of the internet of things.

Energy usage, including from solar home systems, is set to be a big part of the household functions which can be controlled by a remote device going forward.

The Thread Group’s new platform follows the establishment of rival internet of things-linked group the AllSeen Alliance, which numbers Sharp, Panasonic and Microsoft among its partners.