Trina's Honey sets new P-type mono module record


While N-type, PERC, IBC and heterojunction technologies continue to capture headlines and attract hype within the PV industry, Trina has demonstrated that P-type mono can deliver impressive peak power output results. Its Honey module set a world record for a module of its type in April of this year, of 335.2W. This is an improvement on its previous record of 326.3 W. Trina announced the result today.

TÜV Rhineland has certified the record. Trina reports that the module was produced in the company’s State Key Lab of PV Science and Technology. The module comprises of 60 x 156 mm x 156 mm cells.

"The fact that we have broken the world record twice within just half a year gives us confidence in the huge potential to commercialize modules with higher efficiency,” said Zhiqiang Feng, the Director of Trina’s “State Key Laboratory,” in a statement announcing the result. “Through our advanced State Key Lab of PV Science and Technology Trina Solar is delivering on its commitment to be the innovation leader in the industry."

Trina announced that it had begun production on its Honey module pilot line in April of this year. IHS anticipates that Trina will have a total production output of 3.8 GW by the end of the year, across all of its module product lines. It has been expanding its wafer, cell and module lines throughout the year, adding a whopping 1 GW in module capacity alone in 2014 – according to IHS.