Neo Solar Power subsidiary reveals 14 MW UK rooftop solar program


Neo Solar Power subsidiary General Energy Solutions (GES) has unveiled a 14 MW solar PV project in the U.K. that will bring solar power to 4,500 residential rooftops in Greater Manchester.

The project is believed to be the biggest of its kind in the U.K. and taps into the country’s growing thirst for rooftop solar. To date, 3.1 MW of solar arrays have already been installed and connected to the grid on 1,000 rooftops in Tameside, an area of Greater Manchester.

The remaining arrays will be installed and connected over the next few months, and the entire project should be complete by January 2015. GES will also donate a rooftop solar system to a furniture recycling charity in the local area as part of the project.

Total investment will amount to $32 million, with the estimated 56,000 PV panels set to be installed capable of generating more than 12 million kWh of clean solar power a year – a carbon emission saving of five million kilograms.

Financing for the project has been arranged via an unnamed global financial institution, confirmed GES. The deal is the first of its type in the U.K., and is in line with the government’s preference for solar growth in 2015.

The U.K.’s ground-mount sector has largely fuelled the country’s meteoric rise up the PV installation charts, but in doing so has burnt through the allocated subsidy fund – the Renewable Obligation Certificate (ROC) – in the process. Rooftop projects such as this will be eligible for the U.K.’s FIT, which is degresses at a set rate and is seen by policymakers as the more sustainable long-term support scheme for British solar.

"This project is an important milestone in the globalization for both GES’s solar system business and funding,” said Neo Solar Power and GES chairman Quincy Lin. “GES is always looking for renewable solutions with mutual benefit and environmental sustainability to each other."

The company confirmed that the U.K. will form a major focus area for its ongoing projects, in addition to Japan, the U.S. and Taiwan.