Imergy taps Foxsemicon to manufacture modular flow batteries


California-based energy storage and flow battery company Imergy Power Systems has signed a manufacturing services deal with Taiwanese high-tech equipment manufacturing services provider Foxsemicon to make modular flow batteries.

As part of the agreement, which Imergy says will serve its rapidly expanding customer base, Foxsemicon will supply manufacturing, assembly and test services for Imergy’s complete Energy Storage Platform product portfolio. Imergy products range from 5 kW/15 kWh to 250 kW/1 MWh, with applications covering small scale telecommunications and transportation infrastructures to larger scale applications, including grid-connected commercial buildings and smart microgrids as well as utility-scale applications that combine with solar and wind to shift generation to better match peak load and provide electricity regardless of grid status.

"Foxsemicon has world-class global capabilities in supply chain management, manufacturing, new product introduction and engineering services that we believe will dramatically shorten our time to market," said Tim Harris, senior vice president, Global Manufacturing for Imergy. "By partnering with Foxsemicon, Imergy will benefit from their vertical integration, strong process control and economies of scale. We will leverage this new relationship with Foxsemicon to improve process efficiencies and to reduce our product manufacturing costs."

Jackson Hwang, Foxsemicon’s president of CM Business, added, "The relationship will allow Foxsemicon to further expand its strength in the energy storage industry while providing Imergy with a competitive supply chain, better efficiencies and margin-enhancing products."