French PV market grows during Q3 2014, but new applications slow


Data released by France’s Union of Solar Energy Professionals (Enerplan) shows that the nation installed 286 MW of solar PV during the third quarter of 2014. This is a 41% growth over a year prior and also an increase over the previous quarter.

PV plants larger than 1 MW made up more than 46% of the volume installed during the quarter, which fell from 62% a year prior. All told, Enerplan reports 5.16 GW of cumulative installations in France and its overseas territories. Nearly half of this capacity is in the four southern-most regions of continental France at 2.33 GW.

However, the queue of new projects has fallen 8.7% since the end of 2013 to 1.975 GW. New applications under the nation’s feed-in tariff are showing an even more serious decline, with a 15% fall in applications for projects under 9 kW, and applications for other projects under 100 kW falling 50% to only 12 MW.

The volume of requests for interconnection also fell 41% sequentially during the quarter to 177 MW.