Spain's Mondragon Assembly takes over Gorosabel Group's solar business


Spanish equipment manufacturer Mondragon Assembly has taken over the solar business of fellow Spanish machine and turnkey solutions supplier Gorosabel Group.

Mondragon said the move solidifies the company’s position in the PV sector and its role in the development of solar PV panel construction lines.

"This takeover strengthens Mondragon Assembly’s position as a global leader in the solar energy sector, offering a wider range of products and gaining strength at the international level," the company said.

Shared experience

Both Mondragon Assembly, which specializes in the development of automation solutions, and Gorosabel are based in the province of Gipuzkoa in Spain’s Basque Country. The companies have shared the market for more than a decade, supplying machines and turnkey solutions around the world.

Mondragon said with Gorosabel’s solar business, the company "gains the knowledge and experience of a remarkable competitor, along with its client portfolio and broad range of products. This will result in technology and business improvements in the development of solar panel assembly lines."

Mondragon plans to increase the development of new products in the Gorosabel range while offering technical support and repair services to the equipments already installed around the world.