Danica Pension, GreenGo Energy complete largest rooftop solar plant in Nordic region


Pension and insurance group Danica Pension and Danish PV group GreenGo Energy A/S have completed the largest rooftop solar plant in the Nordics.

The 2.1 MW installation covers 30,000 square meters atop the City2 shopping center in Høje-Taastrup, outside the Danish capital of Copenhagen.

Speaking to pv magazine, GreenGo Energy CEO Karsten Nielsen described the rooftop PV plant as a "B2B self-consumption solution" that did not involve any subsidies or feed-in tariffs.

Generating more than 2.1 million kilowatt hours a year, the power plant will cover a large part of the shopping center’s common energy consumption.

The PV plant is in line with both Danica Pension’s long-term strategy of supporting the adoption of fossil-free energy as well as with the municipality of Høje-Taastrup’s own climate plans.

Including the City2 installation, GreenGo Energy has now completed PV systems for nine Danica Pension shopping centers – a total of more than 6 MW, according to Nielsen. The PV plant is the largest of the solar power plants that GreenGo Energy has installed at major Danish shopping malls owned by Danica Pension.

"We are currently investing significant amounts of money into renovating and optimizing the energy systems in our properties," said Peter Mering, head of Danica Ejendomme, Danica Pension’s real estate arm. "Over the past few years, we have invested more than DKK 100 million [$16.7 million] as a whole. With this type of solutions, we achieve attractive pay back while contributing positively to the environment."

Mering added that investments in solar power plants for shopping centers made good sense, both from an environmental and investment point of view. “We are dedicated to intelligent energy renovation of all our 137 commercial properties and our 16 malls. The ambition is to reduce power consumption to less than 100 kilowatt hours per square meter, an attractively low level.”

GreenGo Energy is responsible for both the establishment and operation and administration of the plant.

The PV solutions developed for Danica “are designed so that there is no surplus to the grid,” Nielsen added. “All power is consumed where it is produced, which is fundamentally sound – in reality the effect is a pure energy saving in the building equivalent to other energy-saving methods."