SMA's 1 MW central inverter lands in Asia


SMA has unveiled a new central inverter that the company claims will enable EPC’s operating in Asia to tackle the challenging timeline tenders and cost-competitiveness of the Asian market.

The German company’s new Sunny Central 1000CP XT inverter ensures a power output of 2 MW when included as part of the SMA Medium Voltage Power Station, which has proven popular in Asian PV developments that require 1 MW block bids.

Launched in 2013, this turnkey container station is a complete solution for large-scale solar PV plants, containing the requisite inverter, MV transformer and switchgear to run a plant smoothly.

The inclusion of the new Sunny Central 1000CP XT inverter brings greater design flexibility and speedier installation to contractors developing plants in Asia, says SMA.

"The outdoor rating, OptiCool technology, extensive earthquake and wind speed tests as well as its highest power density in the market suggests that SMA’s Sunny Central 1000CP XT inverter focuses on reducing BoS components, maintenance and logistical costs for any solar power plant project," said SMA’s executive VP for Asia Pacific, John Susa.

Boasting the highest power density of any SMA Sunny Central CP XT inverter, this new model delivers maximum nominal power of 40c, and produces 1.1 MW output at normal 25c conditions.