Chinese social media questions Jinko's fire prevention measures

JinkoSolar suffered a fire at one of its solar materials facilities this morning, located in the Shangrao Economic and Technical Development Zone. The company has issued a statement in which it reports that no injuries resulted from the blaze, that operations will not be affected and that the resulting costs will be minimal and covered by insurance policies.

However users of Chinese social media site Weibo have questioned why fire prevention measures were not more robust, particularly considering JinkoSolar’s status as a major solar manufacturer.

The building where the blaze began is understood to be a warehouse for the stacking of solar manufacturing materials. Weibo users say that images showing a large tower in the polysilicon section of the facility, perhaps involved in ingot pulling, appears completely destroyed.

Nine fire crews and 60 fire fighters attended the scene. Local media has reported leakages of nitric acid and hydrochloric acid as a result of the fire, however these have not been independently verified.

Locals, via Weibo, also report an acrid smell in the air and that staff on the site and officials have instructed people to avoid the water in the area and wear breathing apparatus on entering the building.

Posts of the blaze were shared via Weibo.

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