Wirsol Energy plugs 29 MW solar farm into UK grid


The solar subsidiary of German renewable energy developer Wircon GmbH has this week connected a 29 MW solar PV plant to the U.K. grid in time to qualify for the renewable obligation certificate (ROC) at 1.4.

Wirsol Energy Ltd is a dedicated solar developer that has been active in the soaring British solar market over the past year, developing a total of 42 MW of PV capacity that has been acquired by Bluefield Solar Income Fund Limited (BSIF) – a yieldco registered on the Channel Island of Guernsey and involved in solar investments.

The 29 MW Elms Farm solar park in Oxfordshire is part of that 42 MW acquisition, which also includes the 13 MW Roves Farm solar development in the English county of Wiltshire.

Both projects qualify for the ROC subsidy scheme, having been connected before the April 1 deadline.

“We are clearly pleased to have successfully connected both sites ready for qualification under 1.4 ROCs,” said Wirsol MD Mark Hogan. “The build progress has been efficient and the teams have worked well to hit the necessary deadlines.”

Wirsol’s interconnection partner, DNO Consulting, worked closely with the developer and local landowners to ensure that the plant could be completed on time and to budget, Hogan added. “We have a good relationship with the two landowners whose support and ongoing participation will be an important factor.”

For BSIF, the connection of both the Elms Park plant and the Roves Farm project last month increases the fund’s solar portfolio in the U.K. to 204 MW. Based on the success of this collaboration, both BSIF and Wirsol confirmed that the two firms would look to work together on future PV projects in the U.K.