Construction begins on 97 MW Chilean PV plant


Located in the Atacama region, the Carrera Pinto PV park will deliver power to SIC (Sistema Interconectado Central), Chile’s Central Region Transmission Network upon its completion, expected in the second half of next year.

Around US$180 million is being invested by EGP in the project, which is owned by Parque Solar Carrera Pinto S.A., a subsidiary of Enel Green Power Chile Ltda. A long term power purchase agreement has been secured with Empresa Nacional de Electricidad SA (Endesa Chile).

Active in Chile’s renewable energy market, EGP has already completed three solar power projects – the Diego de Almagro (36 MW), Lalackama (60 MW) and Chañares (40 MW) – in addition to wind and hydro projects.

Chile’s solar industry is slowly taking off. In December, it was reported that the country’s installed solar capacity soared from 6.7 MW to 326 MW in 2014.