Lightsource announces introducer incentive for UK solar sites


British solar developer Lightsource Renewable Energy has pledged to financially incentivize the ongoing development of the U.K.’s large-scale solar PV landscape by offering up to £40,000 ($60,000) per MW to anybody who introduces to the company eligible sites for solar development.

This “finder’s fee” for solar PV is intended to act as a carrot for anyone in the U.K. with potential solar sites that have positive grid information and good planning potential to get in touch with the company, which now operates the largest portfolio of PV projects in Europe, with more than 1 GW under its belt.

According to Lightsource’s business development director Conor McGuigan, the incentive has been designed to ensure that the U.K. does not miss out on potential development sites before there are further changes to the country’s solar support schemes.

Recently, the renewable obligation certificate (ROC) was removed for sites larger than 5 MW, while for sites smaller than that, the rate stands at 1.4 ROC, but further cuts could be on the way after this week’s general election.

“With the potential of another ROC drop and future political uncertainty, the time to act is now,” said McGuigan. “Our track record speaks for itself and our dedicated team of more than 350 in-house staff will benefit introducers with expertise and support in developing their pipeline and seeing it through to fruition.

“This year for 1.4 ROC sites, we submitted 44 planning applications, of which over 83% were approved.”

According to the company, Lightsource’s success in recent years has been its ability to secure funding and close deals quickly, taking introduced sites through to completion rapidly and with little fuss. The offer of £40,000/MW identified, developed and connected reaffirms the company’s commitment towards the industry, as well as society’s role in playing its part in developing further the U.K.’s growing solar footprint.

"We assign a dedicated account manager to each of our introducers to ensure consistency, and introducers are able to take advantage of our internal expertise,” concluded McGuigan.