Solar Frontier to develop 100 MW of CIS plants in UK


Solar Frontier Europe – a subsidiary of Japanese thin film specialist Solar Frontier – has announced today the creation of a partnership agreement with EPC New Energy for the World (NEW) for the development of 100 MW of CIS solar PV plants in the U.K.

The agreement is a continuation of a partnership between Solar Frontier and NEW that has previously delivered a 7.15 MW CIS solar farm in the town of Banwell, England, and is also further confirmation of Solar Frontier’s commitment to global expansion.

The first CIS thin film project will begin construction in the third quarter of 2015, and NEW have confirmed that land and grid connection have already been secured at an undisclosed U.K. site. Talsk are also already underway with investors keen on purchasing the completed solar plant.

"Solar Frontier is going global as part of our long-term growth strategy and the U.K. is a key market for us," said Solar Frontier CEO Atsuhiko Hirano. "We already have a strong standing in the residential, commercial and utility segments in Europe, and are now proud to introduce new and broader market solutions also in the U.K."

NEW will develop, build and commission these turnkey CIS solar power plants – a technology that, according to Solar Frontier Europe MD Wolfgange Lange, is ideally suited to U.K. weather conditions. "The Banwell project, which commenced operations in 2015, serves as a frontrunner for future projects – it demonstrates the performance advantages of CIS, especially in U.K. weather conditions, the benefits of optimizing system components to leverage the advantages of CIS, and the importance of an experienced development team."