NEXTracker finalizes 82 MW tracker commission for SunEdison in Honduras


NEXTracker, the Fremont, California-based supplier of tracker technology, has this week completed an 82 MW commission for solar power development company SunEdison in the Central American nation of Honduras.

SunEdison has developed and built two large-scale solar parks in the country – the Choluteca and Pacifico power plants – and opted for tracker technology to maximize the exceptional solar insolation conditions local to the region.

NEXTracker has supplied its single axis PV trackers to both projects, helping to bolster Honduras’ rapidly growing solar industry.

"It is inspiring to see Honduras emerge as one of the largest solar markets in Latin America," said NEXTracker CEO Dan Shugar. "We’re extremely proud to be providing our transformational trackers to SunEdison, especially for the completion of these milestone projects – two of the largest solar installations in Honduras."

SunEdison COO David Springer added that by using NEXTracker’s tracker technology, the solar developer was able to minimize site grading requirements and reduce both installation costs and ongoing O&M costs. NEXTracker claims that its single axis technology is effective at significantly lowering the number of foundations required, and cutting the use of steel in a typical ground mount array.

The trend towards lowering installation time and costs is gathering pace, particularly in emerging solar nations such as Honduras where price pressures are acute. Equally, many of these new solar markets have high irradiance, making tracker technology all the more desirable as a means of maximizing energy yield.

A recent GTM Research market report revealed that Honduras has usurped Mexico to become the second-largest solar market in Latin America after Chile. The small Central American nation is on course to add 460 MW of solar PV capacity in 2015, playing a sizable role in the region’s anticipated 2.2 GW solar growth. Currently, Honduras has around 350 MW of solar PV capacity under construction, revealed GTM Research.