Suntech announces 1 GW poly PERC plans


Lazarus-like producer Suntech has announced the upgrade of a portion of its module output, targeted at the utility scale market. Employing PERC technology, in four busbar modules, the new Suntech SuperPoly modules will be unveiled for the first time this week at the Intersolar trade show.

Suntech has indicated that it will initially roll out the multicrystalline PERC technology in 100 MW of its production, increasing that to 1 GW by the end of the year.

"We’re very excited to be introducing the SuperPoly module at Intersolar Europe this week, along with our new products such as the HyPro module, which is our latest high efficiency module that we offer with PERC solar cell technology," said Xiong Haibo, president of Suntech, in a statement. “Our customers who are looking to build utility size projects will find that the SuperPoly panel is the perfect fit for their energy needs."

The rearside passivation cell technology (PERC) Suntech will employ will additionally employ “in-depth reflection technology”, resulting in a 10 W power boost to its standard polycrystalline cells. The move is on top of the rollout of its application of four-busbar cell interconnection technology that it announced last month, on the module level.

Together the innovations will result in a polycrystalline module with 16.7% module efficiency.

At the Intersolar Europe trade show, Suntech will also present its high efficency HyPro module utilizing PERC technology, which achieves 20.5% cell efficiency on monocrystalline wafers. The HyPro panels are an AC module, presumably employing microinverters. Additionally the company will present a module treated with anti-glare glass coating, for applications adjacent to airports. The anti-glare coating results in a three percent reduction in reflection.