SoLayTec to deliver InPassion tooling to two Chinese manufacturers

The rush towards scale PERC production continues, with the latest beneficiary Holland’s SoLayTec. Three of its InPassion ALD (Al2O3 solution) tools will be shipped to unnamed Tie 1 Chinese producer for scale production, while a fourth tool will go to an R&D department at another. SoLayTec made the announcement of the deals today.

SoLayTec claims its ALD Al2O3 solution can deliver a 0.2% efficiency boost over AlOx backside passivation alternative, for PERC production. This efficiency boost, says SolayTec is vital in that justifies the additional annealing processing step. To further advance this argument, SolayTec says the annealing can be easily integrated, particularly if the customer uses a Tempress direct PECVD furnace for the SiNx capping layer of the AlOx., resulting in no further annealing equipment being required.

The rapidly-maturing technology startup, now a part of Tempress and therefore Amtech Group, reports that one of the InPassion units will be shipped to a Chinese manufacturer for testing and development in an R&D facility, while the other three tools will go into line production.

The unnamed Chinese customer employing the InPassion in scale production has been SoLayTec customer since 2011, having purchased a tool for R&D purposes four years ago and subsequently ordering three tools for 1,800wph of throughput. The order announced today will increase that to 3,600wph on the InPassion tooling.

“SoLayTec has reached its next milestone by repeat orders,” said SoLayTec cofounder Roger Görten. “This clearly shows the equipment readiness for mass production for the PV market.”

The company says that furthermore the modular nature of the tool has been demonstrated by these repeat orders for production.

“The other customer has made the decision to start its own R&D development with the InPassion ALD from Lab-to-Fab. In principle this customer will start with one module, which can deposit at least 600 wph. After pilot testing and validation, the machine can be easily upgraded to mass production by adding the other modules and reach a maximum throughput of 3,600 wph, again showing the advantage of our modular design,” Götzen explained.

The InPassion system was featured in pv magazine‘s 50 Technology Highlights download for the SNEC trade show as the second entry in the upstream ranking.

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