Enphase, Domos Industries launch energy management system in France


With falling feed-in tariffs the trend globally, optimizing the self consumption of PV electricity by households and businesses has emerged as a fast growing field. In France, Enphase has teamed up with Domos Industries to develop and deliver the Freewatt residential PV kit.

Freewatt kits come in sizes from 1 kW up to 6 kW and includes “top-end PV modules,” Enphase microinverters and the Domosbox smart home platform. The Domosbox manages electricity load, keeping it in synch with PV production thereby optimizing self consumption rates.

“In our ultra-connected world, consumers want to choose where, when and how to consume. Self-consumption is therefore the most efficient solution to generate and manage their own power, taking control over their habits and needs as well as their electricity bills,” said Laurent Arias, director of Domos Industries. Aris added that Enphase was selected because of its “intelligent” capabilities and also the flexibility in design delivered by microinverters.

Enphase has developed and released its own energy management system. At last year’s SPI trade show in Las Vegas, the company unveiled its Enphase Energy Management System, along with its AC Battery. Enphase entered a partnership earlier this year with France’s MyLight, to see its technology integrated into MyLight’s energy management tool,