SunEdison teams with Green Charge Networks on commercial solar+storage


SunEdison continues to charge into new areas of the PV business, with its latest move bringing it into the commercial storage space. The company has partnered with Green Charge Networks to deliver a solar+storage package, with the first project already completed.

Green Charge Networks provides intelligent li-ion battery systems, which can model a company’s electricity demand profile over time and employ its battery storage strategically to shave, often expensive, peak demand charges. With the addition of rooftop solar, through the partnership with SunEdison, the company hopes to further optimize this offering.

"Partnering with SunEdison and adding behind-the-meter storage, has created a one-stop-solution for commercial and municipal customers to holistically evaluate both their energy and power use," said Vic Shao, CEO of Green Charge Networks.

SunEdison and Green Charge Networks has completed their first installation. A solar+storage system was supplied to local utility Silicon Valley Power, for a carport array located at a football stadium. The system was provided on a lease basis.

Potential customers are being offered the solar+storage package through a lease, in which a PPA is signed with SunEdison and a power efficiency agreement with Green Charge.

"Solar plus energy storage is a great way for California customers to realize immediate savings," said Tim Derrick, SunEdison general manager of advanced solutions. "Demand charges in California can account for as much as 50% of a commercial or municipal customer’s electricity bill. By partnering with Green Charge, we’re able to deliver a complete solution and address our customers’ total energy bill."

Green Charge’s Greenstation 2.0 is a 30 kWh battery and power electronics system, utilizing Samsung li-ion batteries. It is module, with the possibility of coupling a number of units together based on customer requirements.