Enphase expands Grid Alternatives partnership by 3 MW


Grid Alternatives is continuing to expand its parnterships with key U.S.-based suppliers. The latest will see U.S. company Enphase increase by almost 50% the cumulative impact of the collaboration, adding a further 3 MW of solar through the not-for-profit program.

The NGO and Enphase have worked together for the past five years, with the partnership having seen more than 1,900 solar arrays installed. The Grid Alternatives program installs solar arrays in disadvantaged communities, delivering economic benefits through solar production and on-the-job solar training for volunteers.

“This partnership has already helped bring the benefits of clean energy to families and workers across the country, and continues to grow with us as we expand to serve more communities and explore new ways to deliver solar’s benefits to people that need it most,” said Grid Alternatives co-founder Tim Sears.

Grid Alternatives and Enphase point to a 20-home project in Sebastopol, California, where rooftop systems were installed in 2012, using Enphase microinverters.

“We’re also proud to play a role in the job training of underserved communities who otherwise may not be able to join the transition to clean energy,” said Enphases Jeff Loebbaka.

The Enphase announcement comes less than one week after SunPower committed to providing 1 MW of modules for Grid Alternatives’ Solar Future program.