Japanese golf course to become 23 MW solar array


Kyocera is getting into the swing of solar in Japan, and has announced that it is to create a 23 MW solar PV plant on an abandoned golf course in the country’s Kyoto Prefecture.

With construction only just commenced, there is a fairway to go until it is complete, but once finalized the solar plant will deliver green energy to 8,100 local households.

Repurposing unused or incomplete golf courses has been a conversation that has been doing the rounds in U.S. states such as Florida, Utah, Minnesota and Kansas for a while now, with many idle courses given over to the rough across the U.S.

In Japan, the problem is not so acute, but Kyocera – together with its joint venture partner Century Tokyo Leasing and two other companies – has recently confirmed that it will soon begin developing a 92 MW solar PV plant at a site in Kagoshima Prefecture that was originally designed to be a golf course around 30 years ago. Those plans were since abandoned and the site has lain idle ever since.

The proposed 23 MW solar plant, meanwhile, will bring Kyoto Prefecture to the fore, becoming the largest solar installation in the region.