SolarCity unveils storage and solar package for new build properties


SolarCity – the U.S. provider of leased solar systems – has announced this week that it is to offer a new storage and solar package as part of its Homebuilder Program.

The Program, set up in 2011, works with homebuilders across the U.S., offering new build homeowners the opportunity to add a solar power system to their home without increasing the property’s purchase price.

Thus far, the Program has only covered standalone solar systems, but SolarCity will begin pairing this offering with a comprehensive storage solution comprising the Tesla Powerwall, advanced hybrid inverter, monitoring and control systems and a warranty and service agreement.

This fuller package is being touted as a viable power backup option for new homeowners, but can also in the future be configured to act as a time-of-use and grid response tool, further lowering customers’ energy bills.

Another expansion of the Homebuilder Program is being rolled out in California, where SolarCity is offering solar energy through its homebuilder partners at a cost that is equivalent to the state’s lower residential electricity rates, offering a further incentive for buyers of newly built homes to install solar panels.

This scheme is offered at no upfront costs to the homebuyer or builder, and locks in those customers of California’s largest utilities at a 20-year, lowest tier 1 energy rate.