Younicos and Duke Energy combine on 36 MW Texas storage project


Younicos, the Berlin, Germany-based developer of battery storage technology, has developed a hybrid storage control platform that will be deployed at one of the largest wind-integrated battery systems in the U.S.

The project is a collaboration between U.S. utility Duke Energy Renewables, Younicos, and Samsung SDI, the latter of which is deploying its new lithium-ion batteries to the project. These batteries from Samsung SDI will be used in combination with advanced lead-acid technology already in situ at the site – the Notrees Battery Storage facility in Texas. The battery plant is part of the wider 153 MW wind facility.

The first phase of the re-powering project will add 36 MW of storage capacity to what will become North America’s largest wind-integrated battery plant. The system was first operational in 2012, but this upgrade will make it the first in Texas to use lithium-ion technology in the Fast-Responding Regulation Service market (FRRS) under grid operator ERCOT’s market rule framework.

The integration of lithium-ion will increase the duration of discharge at the Notrees facility, which will ensure fast-responding services and an expanded service delivery framework. For Younicos CEO James P. McDougall, this next generation approach to storage control systems is an "exciting development" that brings together the expertise of the three concerned parties.

Greg Wolf, Duke Energy’s president commercial portfolio, agreed, adding: "This reinvestment will extend the life of the project and expand the value it provides to the market."

"Duke Energy’s Notrees Energy Storage System (ESS) is a landmark of the U.S. energy storage industry," added Samsung SDI energy storage SVP Woochan Kim. "With our most innovative lithium-ion battery technology, we are proud to provide a new heart to the ESS, and join forces with the Younicos team."

Younicos’ hybrid control system can accommodate planned battery replacements and new chemistry enhancements over time, working with the essence of the storage system – the lithium-ion batteries – to ensure optimal deployment of the stored energy.

Germany’s Younicos recently announced the launch of a storage consulting service in Austin, Texas, as the company seeks to grow its market share and influence in the soaring North American storage market.