SMA shifts 1 million Sunny Boy inverters, tops 4 GW installed output


SMA Solar Technology AG – the world’s leading provider of inverters – has announced today that it has sold more than one million of its Sunny Boy TL inverters worldwide.

Launched in 2008, the Sunny Boy range – covering 3,000 to 7,700 TL – has become one of the most popular brands within the industry, and has underpinned everything that the German inverter manufacturer has strived to achieve.

Initially rather less snappily titled the "Perfection Plus. Usability", the Sunny Boy’s ease of application made it a good fit for single-family home use across the globe.

"It was the first inverter with an integrated global selection system," said Detlev Tschimpke, the product manager who oversaw its launch seven years ago. "You can easily configure the right settings for a particular country by turning a rotary switch."

In ensuring the product has been constantly upgraded and updated to meet evolving market demands, the Sunny Boy has now amassed a global installed output of more than 4 GW, which is enough to replace four standard nuclear power plants.

"Product versions for the U.S. and Japan, for example, have an integrated backup power function that continues to supply solar power to small household appliances such as refrigerators, electric kettles and cell phone or tablet charges during daytime power outages," added Tschimpke.

The latest iteration of the Sunny Boy has placed greater emphasis on state-of-the-art communications and a more compact, user-friendly design as it strives to continue to meet the needs of today’s consumer.

Sales and profit guidance raised

Late last week SMA revealed that it had raised its sales and profit forecast for 2015 on the back of high orders and better-than-expected market performance. Having previous forecast annual sales in the region of €730 million ($807 million) to €770 million ($851 million), the company now expects to generate anywhere between €800 million ($884 million) and €850 million ($937 million).

Operating losses are expected to narrow to between €25 million to zero euros, down from an earlier loss projection of between €35 million and €60 million.

"Thanks to our successful internationalization and the introduction of new product solutions, we have benefited from international market growth and increased our market share," said SMA CEO and CFO Pierre-Pascal Urbon after the publication of the new revised figures.