Demo house offers glimpse into Shunfeng's plans


The team behind the Taiwan Green Product Demo House, on show in Qingdao, China this month, claims the energy-saving measures used in the eco show booth can reduce the energy consumption of a two-storey house in China by three-quarters, using just five products.

Featuring energy-saving products from Scotland, Germany and Austria as well as Taiwan, the developers of the demo house – which features more than 40 such innovations – claim just five products can reduce energy consumption by 75% for a two-storey, 3,170 sq m building in Shanghai, Beijing, Kunming or Guangzhou, in typical weather conditions.

Although the demo house may seem futuristic, it offers an insight into the joined-up, city-wide vision of solar and energy efficiency that Chinese real estate mogul Cheng Kin Ming is investing in so heavily with the acquisitions bolted onto his Shunfeng International solar company – which became a tier 1 manufacturer overnight after its chief shareholder financed the purchase of Wuxi Suntech‘s manufacturing operations.

Glaswegian software

The Taiwanese demo house uses IES-VE building energy modeling software developed by Glaswegian company Integrated Environmental Solutions to maximize the energy savings offered by innovations such as replacing the building’s ceiling and walls with thin-film solar modules made by Taiwanese manufacturer NexPower.

If the panels can reduce consumption by 23%, according to Taiwan’s Green Trade Project Office, a further 16% can be shaved off the electricity bill with the installation of LED dimmer bulbs made by Taiwanese lighting company LaRose.

Dresden Glass’ energy-saving glass can offer another 12% energy saving with Austrian company SunValue’s solar-powered bricks taking consumption down by the same amount.

The final 12% energy saving offered by a Paradigm reactance filter – which, its manufacturers say filters out harmonic distortion, removes electromagnetic interference and stabilizes circuits – takes the total energy saving to 75%.

The booth is set to be displayed at the Taipei Building Show in December, Qatar’s International Construction Tech and Building Material Exhibition in May and Singapore’s Build Eco Expo BEX in September 2016.

By that time, Shunfeng’s vision of an energy-saving future should have been unveiled, with the company having promised to reveal ‘community and city-wide’ solutions by the end of this year.