UK: "Go Solar" regional program


UK power and gas giant E.ON and solar company Sungevity have launched the "Go Solar" program in the UK after successful launches in the Netherlands in 2014 and in Germany earlier this year.

The program will be made available to consumers in the Midlands and the north of England at first, but the companies expect to expand. "This is an exciting opportunity for E.ON to enter the residential PV market with a unique solution. It very much fits our strategic aims in terms of customer focus and the potential for home-based renewables," said Susana Quintana-Plaza, Senior Vice President Technology & Innovation at E.ON. Last year, E.ON UK’s parent company E.ON SE participated in a $70 million investment round for Sungevity.

Program details

The program seeks to ease the process for home owners who want to install solar panels on their roofs. It offers customers tailored quotes whereby they can "talk through designs online, on prices and get a realistic generation estimate based on their homes and local climate" as E.ON states. A personal solar advisor will be assigned as a single point of contact. Go Solar customers will benefit from the remote assessments where online technology is used to assess if the customer can benefit from a solar system on his roof with the use of satellite imagery. This is steered by Sungevity’s iQuote technology. Customers also have access to online tools to help them "effectively monitor their systems" as the companies claim.

Sungevity’s SunSure modules will be used in this program, and the company gives the assurance that if the system does not produce at least 95 percent of the electricity quoted, consumers will receive a payment to help cover the shortfall over the 20 years.