Israel: 40MW Ketura plant connected to grid


The Ketura Solar project started feeding electricity into the Israeli power grid this week. This site is the second PV project to go online in the country, the first being the 37.5MW Ne’ot Hovav plant launched by Energix Group in December 2014, for which pv magazine provided exclusive coverage. The Ketura Solar plant is just across Route 90 from Kibbutz Ketura and the 4.95MW Ketura Sun, another Arava Power project.

The solar plant has been in development since 2009 and it has been a long ride. Arava’s CEO Jon Cohen told local Israeli media Jerusalem Post, "It’s been – since January 2009 – a six-and-a-half-year process from kickoff through launch. Here we are in July 2015, generating about 250,000 kilowatt hours a day." The project had to undergo complicated environmental and related planning processes as Arava states.

More MW solar plants are expect to come into operation in Israel soon, namely the 55MW Enlight Renewable Energy plant Haluziot and the 50MW Zmorot plant. EDF Israel is a stakeholder in these two PV projects as well.