95.5 MW of PV capacity for June in Germany


The June PV capacity installation figure is about 10% lower than that of the corresponding months of March to May. Nevertheless, it is still uncertain how many PV plants were registered subsequently after the numbers were tallied.

In the past months, the PV capacity addition, inclusive of later additions, was rounded up at around 90 MW. This raised the registered added capacity in May from 67.3 MW to 91.6 MW. In the first half of 2015, 525 MW of added PV capacity was registered in total.

Hereby it is official that EPCs are finding it hard to fill up their order books, despite the changes to the EEG, Germany’s renewable energy legislation. The solar supporters who believed that in spring, or latest in summer, an upswing in PV capacity would happen, have unfortunately been silenced by these somber numbers.

In 2014, the average was 157 MW annexed per month. ?One reason behind the low added capacity numbers may be that ground-mounted systems that won the first round of auctions in March were not immediately constructed. These PV plants are not recorded in the statistics. This then reflects in the statistics that the percentage of large-scale PV plants has receded 27%. A year ago, it was still regularly at 35 to 40%.?

Still there are no signs of ground-mounted PV development in Germany being put to rest. This is despite the fact that only those PV plants that go into operation by 31.8.2015 will secure the EEG remuneration. Thereafter ground-mounted PV plants can only qualify for FITs if they win the tenders. Having said that, the FITs are so low that many do not see the benefits of development any more. The tender system can thus bring in a small recovery for this situation. ?The FIT figure for this month could not be recalculated for this month. The current remuneration table can be found here (in German).

Translated and edited by Shamsiah Ali-Oettinger