Germany’s second PV tender oversubscribed three-fold


The call for proposals for ground-mounted projects for Germany’s second solar PV round ended this Monday, with 136 bids received by the Federal Network Agency. At 150 MW, it was oversubscribed three-fold.

The Federal Ministry of Economics says this indicates the success of its strategy change. "The second call for proposals was successful," stated Rainer Baake, state secretary for the ministry, adding, "We are excited to see what the results are of the so-called unit price method, applied for the first time in this round, in relation to the surcharge value," he added.

The agency is still considering the validity of the bids; the surcharges will be announced later. According to the rules, it only has a few working days to issue the allowances. This time, however, it will not be a pay-as-bid process, like in the first round, where bidders bid for the price of their solar power, but rather a uniform pricing method, meaning the price for all projects will be determined by the last successful bid.

For this reason, the agency will only announce the unit price when it is clear there are no replacement candidates, which will occur if the successful bidders fail to pay their deposits. If there are replacements, the unit price will be pushed up.

In the first PV tender round, the Federal Network Agency received 170 bids, of which 37 had to be ruled out due to various errors. Overall, 25 bids totaling 157 MW were successful, 11 of which were made by the Sybac Group. Prices for the successful projects were between €0.848 and €0.943/kWh.

Translated and edited by Becky Beetz