Report: Panasonic largest li-ion battery cell producer

Rapid market growth in the distributed li-ion cell market is causing manufacturers to ramp operations and add capacity. While the Tesla/Panasonic Gigafab in the U.S. is predicted to have a major impact on the sector, a new report shows the continuing dominance of Chinese, Korean and Japanese manufacturers.

Korea’s SNE Research released the data today, which is drawn from its latest Quarterly Analysis- Global Small-Size Lithium Ion Battery Shipments report.

Panasonic captured 20.5% global market share in 1H 2015, having shipped 576.2 million cells. Samsung SDI followed with 19% with 534 million cells, LG Chem in third position with 14.8% with 416.6 million, and ATL (7.6%) and Sony (7.3%) rounding out the top five.

SNE analysts have attributed Panasonic’s strong showing as being largely attributable to its supply of cylindrical batteries to Tesla. Panasonic shipped 285 million cells to Tesla in 1H 2015. Byeongju Kim, Director of SNE Research, note however that Korean manufacturers have begun supplying Tesla, although no high-volume deals have been signed.

“Panasonic outpaced its competitors, backed by growing shipments of cylindrical cells to Tesla’s electric cars. The company is projected to see its market share grow depending on the success of Tesla’s electric cars.”

By country, China remains the largest li-ion producer with 36.8% market share, although Korea (33.8%) and Japan (29.4%) are not far behind.

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