Brazil: Concrete auction details emerge


The Brazilian government has set the installed PV capacity ceiling at 2-3 GW for solar projects that will be developed in the country. This brings the annual newly contracted solar capacity between August 2015 and December 2018 to 500 MW to 750 MW, conservatively speaking. The target previously was 500 MW contracted PV capacity annually. Two national auctions are set to take place August, 28 and November, 13 this year.

The auctions have already attracted more than 600 bidders reaching a total PV capacity proposal of 20.593GW, more than 17 GW of oversubscription. The PV projects have to be up and running by November 2018 under 20-year PPAs.

Net metering

Brazilian Minister of Mines and Energy Eduardo Braga has also announced that there will be a microgeneration program for solar installations. No specifications have been released though. The National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL) has a program underway with alterations to the net metering regulation. This has the potential to bring about 500,000 PV systems totaling 2 GW installed until 2024. The current solar capacity under net metering stands at 10MW.

Cemig to build module plant

Meanwhile Brazilian power company Cemig which is responsible for about 12% of the national power distribution has announced that it is seeking partners for a $1.15 million solar project. According to Reuters, the utility is looking for partners to build a large solar power project in Minas Gerais, a southeastern state. The CEO of Cemig, Mauro Borges Lemos, has stated that the company seeks to produce PV panels locally. And for that endeavor, Cemig needs partners who have experience in module production and are also willing to transfer technological knowledge. Lemos expects development to take three years after the partners are found and investment is approved.