Invenergy's storage project shortlisted for Innovation Award


Invenergy, which develops, owns and operates renewable energy plants and storage facilities, has been narrowed down as one of the finalists who will vie for the 2015 Innovation Award, to be presented at the energy storage conference "Energy Storage North America" or ESNA, which will take place October 13 to 15 this year.

The Grand Ridge energy storage project is said to be the second largest lithium-based project in the world, according to Invenergy. Located in La Salle County, Illinois, the Grand Ridge energy center features wind, solar and advanced energy storage in one location. The project comprises a 210 MW wind farm, a 20 MW solar installation and a 1.5 MW storage project.

The annual ESNA awards are determined by Twitter voting and will be concluded 2 October 2015. "This recognition by ESNA speaks to Invenergy’s commitment to providing innovative storage solutions for our customers," said Kris Zadlo, Senior Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, Storage, and Transmission at Invenergy.

To date Invenergy has developed five solar projects totaling 49 MW and has more than 100 MW of energy storage projects in operation, construction and development.

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