Sungevity's Kennedy moves to clean energy investment


Sungevity’s co-founder Danny Kennedy will take on the role of managing director at CalCEF as of September 1, 2015.

Kennedy will lead CalCEF’s three organizations, Innovations, Ventures and Catalyst, and will work on directing investments and forging clean energy policies. Kennedy will continue his work at Sungevity as a strategic advisor on a limited basis.

He states,"Sungevity and the clean energy sector are growing faster, and generating jobs at a much greater rate, than the overall economy. Consumer demand and technological innovations are driving this growth, but the barriers of a century-old system built around centralized fossil fuel generation are slowing capital flow and growth."

Kennedy will also serve as president of CalCharge, a public-private partnership that works to accelerate the development, commercialization, and adoption of new energy storage technologies for the consumer, transportation, and grid markets. He will be making his appearance at the CalCharge open house event tomorrow, August 25, 2015. CalCharge’s aim is to turn California into a thriving energy storage cluster.

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