PowerFin, CPS Energy launch rooftop solar program in San Antonio


Texas solar development company PowerFin Partners and local utility CPS Energy have launched a pilot program in the city of San Antonio that will allow participants to host PV systems on their rooftops in exchange for credits on their energy bill.

Working under a power purchase agreement with CPS Energy, PowerFin will install and operate 10 MW-AC of rooftop solar on homes and businesses throughout the CPS Energy service territory in San Antonio, offering the community a chance to realize the benefits of local solar at no cost to them. Interested CPS Energy customers can sign up to join the SolarHostTM program at www.solarhostsa.com.

"SolarHost makes solar available to a much larger cross-section of our community by removing the upfront cost for the customer and in fact creating an income stream for them," said Cris Eugster, CPS Energy’s executive vice resident and chief generation and strategy officer.

Jason Pittman, PowerFin’s vice president of development, added that the innovative program would provide affordable and reliable on-site electricity to CPS Energy’s customers. "PowerFin is coordinating with CPS Energy and the local solar installer community to seamlessly integrate this new solar option into the existing grid."

Through SolarHostTM, qualified residential, commercial or non-profit CPS Energy customers can apply to have solar systems installed on their rooftop. Bill credits will be awarded at the rate of $0.03 per kilowatt hour produced by the panels for 20 years. PowerFin will pay all costs for installation and maintenance.

The companies stressed that the program makes participation in solar energy more accessible, affordable and available to a much broader base of the community than ever before.