Sunrun expands US solar jobs, installation partnership nationally


Sunrun, an installer of residential solar PV systems in the U.S., has entered into a partnership with GRID Alternatives designed to provide a range of solar employment opportunities and homeowner PV installations to low-income families living right across the country.

GRID Alternatives is the largest solar non-profit in the U.S. and will work with Sunrun to expand the growth of solar energy throughout the country, targeting areas traditionally overlooked – or unable – to take advantage of the longer term cost benefits of residential PV.

The partnership will see Sunrun support the work GRID does in low-income communities by supplying its employees to volunteer on solar builds, lending a wealth of expertise and experience, as well as donating AEE and SnapNrack solar equipment for installations.

GRID’s workforce trainees will also be offered the opportunity to practice their interview technique at Sunrun. The solar firm will also offer resumé reviews, career development counseling and job training.

"Grid Alternatives and Sunrun are aligned in our missions to increase access to affordable home solar for more Americans," said Sunrun president Tom Holland.

"We are pleased to establish a formal partnership that will not only help our organizations achieve that mission, but also provide needed job training to support the growth of our industry and encourage volunteerism in low income communities across the country."

Sunrun has previously partnered with Grid Alternatives in the Bay Area, San Francisco, and is now expanding that partnership nationally. "This new commitment will help us continue to deepen our reach and provide more renewable energy and job training to the people who need it most."

GRID Alternatives has so far installed more than 19.4 MW of solar PV capacity in the U.S., across an estimated 5,700 rooftops. Under the scheme, more than 22,000 people from low income neighborhoods have received solar training.