Imergy to supply storage to China telcom market


Imergy, a developer of advanced energy storage solutions, has announced a two-year exclusive partnership with Chinese investment company Juno Capital Group to serve the energy needs of the Chinese telecommunications (telcom) market.

The partnership sees Juno integrate Imergy’s energy storage platform into off- and weak-grid telcom regions of China for a pilot program prior to a wide-scale deployment across more affected regions.

The idea is to ensure the Imergy systems deliver clean, affordable and consistent power to the telcom market of China, which is expanding rapidly as the country modernizes its infrastructure nationwide.

Many regions of China currently have a telcom service that is backed by diesel generation power – which is expensive to run and increasingly unsustainable. Juno will integrate the batteries during the first phase of the project, and in the future will look to expand into distributed energy storage applications for different industries.

"As China continues to consolidate and broaden its power infrastructure to meet the changing mix of renewable and conventional generation, Imergy is pleased to deliver a high quality, reliable power supply to meet the needs of the telecommunication industry in a cost-effective and sustainable way," said Imergy CEO Bill Watkins.

Imergy specializes in flow battery technology and has installed its Energy Storage Platform (ESP) at a number of medium- to large-scale sites in Europe, the U.S. and Asia. A previous venture into Asia saw Imergy agree to supply SunEdison with up to 1,000 of its 30 kW flow batteries in India in a 100 MW deal.

The Imergy flow battery is designed to deliver two to 12 hours of output duration, and its suitability for the Chinese telcom market is manifest in its capacity to charge quickly and deliver multiple cycles, Imergy CFO Jack Stark told GTM.

"If there is a need for discharge duration in excess of two hours or for a relatively fast charge or multiple cycles, no other battery can do those things, and it’s in those markets we will thrive," said Stark.

Juno’s involvement will be to assist its cleantech partner in establishing strong and strategic footholds in the largely untapped Chinese market.