Belectric OPV completes world's largest organic BIPV array in Africa


Belectric OPV GmbH, the organic photovoltaics arm of Germany’s Belectric, has collaborated with leading construction and material companies to create the world’s largest building integrated organic photovoltaic (BIOPV) array at the African Union Peace and Security building in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa.

Built in the shape of the African continent, the solar shade sail is the focal point of the glass ceiling of the new building, which was developed with the aid of local construction companies and project-managed by Germany’s GIZ.

Utiliizing 445 flexible, transparent organic solar modules created by Belectric OPV, the 25 x 20 meter installation is translucent, enabling 75% light transmission across the overall roof surface, and generating sufficient solar energy to power the building’s LED light system.

This installation is the first completed project for Belectric OPV since kitting out the German Pavilion at the Expo 2015 in Milan earlier this year.

"This additional, highly prestigious project finally marks our arrival on the market with our design-oriented photovoltaics for use in the building sector," said Belectric OPV director of business development and sales Hermann Issa. "This project once again shows the varied possibilities offered with regard to design, transparency, flexibility and color that can be fully developed and implemented by the use of organic solar modules."