Heraeus adds No. 610 paste to Giga Sola lawsuit


Heraeus has extended its lawsuit against Taiwan’s Giga Solar, by adding an additional paste to the claim. Heraeus claims that the initial two pastes infringe on its patent and have extended its claim to the newer No. 610 Giga Solar paste on the same grounds.

pv magazine understands that Heraeus believes the new No. 610 paste was released by Giga Solar as a way to circumvent the patent lawsuit, however the alledged patent infringement remains.

Heraeus field the initial patent infringement lawsuit on June 10. The alledged patent infringement is on Heraeus patent No. 1432539.

"We nor other suppliers in this industry can justify continuous major investments in intellectual property development if we do not defend our intellectual property against infringement,” said Heraeus PV head Andreas Liebheit. “It is important for us and the industry to challenge potential violators who can potential hinder the technological advancement of the PV industry.”

Heraeus is seeking treble damages for “willful infringement” and a court order to prevent Giga Solar for selling the pastes in the future.

The case is expected to take around 12 months for resolution.