Big Sun to demonstrate tracker tech in 840 kW rooftop array


While Taiwan’s downstream solar industry remains small, domestic suppliers are continuing to push forward with innovative projects. One such project is an 840 kW rooftop project employing Big Sun iPV dual-axis solar trackers.

Big Sun subsidiary Topper Sun is the EPC, with the project being is funded by the Chailease Finance Company (CFC). The tracker array will sit atop a food facility on the island state.

CFC has financed 23.1 MW of solar capacity in Taiwan to date, with a target to reach 50 MW across 200 sites by the end of this year.

“We rely on Big Sun’s professional solar products and services, and believe that iPV solar trackers will provide stable energy harvesting and produce over 30% more energy than fixed-tilt systems in this sunshine area," said Simon Hou, President of CFC.

“Big Sun iPV solar tracker[s] feature a unique cable-driven mechanism which is simple to be maintained and will help to lower the capital and O&M costs of this kind of dual-axis PV sites,” said Summer Luo, Chairman of Big Sun. The company reports that Big Sun trackers have been shipped to projects in China, Japan and Europe.

Utility Taipower data shows that Taiwan has around 320 MW of PV projects currently connected to the grid, generating some 551 GWh or .25% of Taiwan’s electricity in 2014.

As older nuclear plants are retired and public opinion in favor of renewables grows, there are hopes that policy support will see that increase in coming years. Both Taiwan’s ruling Nationalist and opposition Democratic Progressive parties have pledged to increase renewable deployment, to see it grow from around 3.5% to between 15 – 20% of its generating capacity in the future.