The pv magazine weekly news digest


News that the German government would likely continue storage subsidies was cause for celebration at this year’s Forum Solarpraxis in Berlin. Also sparking interest was the government’s decision to allow 5% of tendered projects to be based outside of Germany – a key change that will be part of the country’s new renewable energy law in 2017.

The U.K. government’s announcement that it would seek to make the country a leader in nuclear reactor technology while spending billions on cleaning up ageing nuclear sites and eliminating environmental tariffs for big industry was not lost on the event’s participants.

In Ireland, meanwhile, a new report commissioned by the Irish Solar Energy Association foresees a potential nationwide solar sector reaching 3.7 GW by 2030 with just EUR 670 million of support.

Across the pond in Canada, solar developers welcomed news that Saskatchewan has set a 50% reneable energy target by 2030.

The U.S. Energy Department awarded $125 million to 41 transformational energy tech projects, including solar. The DOE will issue the funds as part its Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy ahead of the UN Climate Change talks in Paris as part of wider investment in low carbon economy.

The U.S., Japan and South Korea are the leading energy storage markets worldwide, says IHS, with each forecast to exceed 100 MW of annual installations this year. Between 2015 and 2016 they are set to install 1.4 GW of new capacity.

Brazil, meanwhile, is expecting 4.5 GW of installations through expanded net metering rules by 2024.

Developments in Asia

Apple joined forces with SunPower to invest in 170 MW of solar in Inner Mongolia. Apple will invest around 40% of the CNY 659 million required to install 170 MW worth of solar PV plants in the region. SunPower and Zhonghuan Semiconductor are providing the remaining funds.

In India, the state of Punjab reached 1.5 GW of allocated solar PV in various stages of delveopment — a 172-fold increase in just three years.

Jordan’s National Electric Power Company signed a power purchase agreement with Spain’s Fotowatio Renewable Ventures for a 50 MW solar plant to be located some 80 kilometers north of Amman.

Turkey is slapping foreign PV manufacturers with a new import tax on solar modules of around $125 that will be determined by weight. The new regulation go into effect Dec. 19.

The World Bank announced plans for a $16 billion fund to fight African climate change. It will push for investment from development organizations, private partners and governments, while footing $5.7 billion itself to help stem the causes of climate change in Africa.