Germany: Just 45 MW of new solar added in October


A total of 80.751 MW of solar PV projects were registered by Germany’s Federal Network Agency in October. Almost half were late entries, however, and were already in operation before last month.

Included in October’s figure was also an annex of 3.102 MW of large-scale (over 1 MW) ground-mounted systems from the system register. However, no ground-mounted systems are currently being built, and as in September, no large-scale systems came into operation last month.

In August, the support for mandatory direct marketing for ground-mounted systems 100 kW and above expired. These systems are currently only supported via surcharges through the tender. Under this, however, no systems have yet been realized.

Overall, the number of systems that actually entered into operation was 2,961, totaling around 45 MW. Due to the low newly added capacity, FITs in December will not change. As such, depending on the plant size, they will range from €0.0853 to €0.1231/kWh.

The revenue cap for the market premium model, meanwhile, which is currently mandatory for all new solar PV systems 500 kW and above, is between €0.0891 and €0.1270/kWh.

According to the Federal Network Agency, newly registered solar PV systems total 1.174 GW in the first 10 months of 2015.

Translated and edited from pv magazine Deutschland by Becky Beetz