Ecoppia to retrofit robotic cleaning to 40 MW Ketura plant

With solar development in desert environments picking up, the market for cleaning solutions is increasing. Israel’s Ecoppia announced today that it would supply 40 MW of its waterless cleaning robots for the Ketura solar plant, located in the Aravah Valley (known as Arabah in Arabic), in Israel’s south, which has a particularly hot and arid environment.

Ecoppia has previously supplied its waterless module cleaning technology to the 4.95 MW Ketura Sun project, the first utility scale PV project in the country that was completed in 2011. The project was also developed by Arava Power.

Ecoppia will retrofit its E4 robotic-cleaning solution to the 40 MW Ketura solar plant. The E4 robots will clean the array each evening after the plant ceases producing electricity.

“We’re seeing significant value creation in all the projects we’re currently involved in, both here in the Middle East and in India,” said Eran Meller, CEO of Ecoppia “For many of the big industry players, a solution that can clean panels nightly, can respond instantly to weather and is waterless – we feel solutions like ours have the potential to become the industry standard." Meller is accompanying Israel’s delegation to the COP21 summit currently underway in Paris.

Ecoppia claims that dirt and dust build up on modules can reduce power output by upto 40%. Its autonomous robots can be monitored and controlled remotely and use rubber brushes to reduce 99% of module soiling without requiring water.

In February 2015, the Israeli company announced that its E4 platform integrates weather data into its cleaning schedules.

Ecoppia will take part in the “Israel Innovation in response to climate change” event at COP21. It is a privately held company.

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