Dominion to put online 110 MW of solar PV in Virginia


On Monday, Dominion Power announced an agreement with the administration of Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe to deploy 110 MW of solar PV.

Dominion plans to build up to 75% of this capacity, and third party developers will build the remainder. The energy company plans to work with state agencies to determine the location and size of individual facilities, which will sell power to the state government under long-term contracts.

Few details were offered in a brief press release, and Dominion says that timelines for construction and costs will be determined as individual projects are developed.

The new projects will help Virginia to meet its new target for state government to procure at least 8% of its electricity from renewable energy sources, which was announced simultaneously.

In February Dominion announced plans to put online at least 400 MW of new solar PV by 2020. This will dramatically increase the state’s meager installed solar capacity, which was estimated at 8 MW in the second half of 2014. Dominion’s current generation fleet is dominated by coal and nuclear plants.