New York re-allocates $6 million in solar incentives


Due to project cancellations and changes, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) is now sitting on over US$6 million in funds through a solar incentive program, which it plans to re-assign to other projects.

NYSERDA manages the NY-Sun MW Block incentive program, which provides rebates to residential, commercial and industrial installations. The MW Block program’s per-watt rebate levels are set in “blocks” which decline in value over time as more solar comes online and the program hits targets, similar to the California Solar Initiative.

The $6 million in funds is being re-allocated to the both the Upstate Residential and Non-Residential programs, as well as to the Con Edison Residential and Non-Residential programs. This should allow an combined total of 12.5 MW of new solar PV.

NYSERDA also previously announced the addition of 18 MW for the Long Island Residential program, and Long Island Non-Residential is not included in the current reallocation.

The agency notes that the program has been very popular and that the progress of residential and small commercial MW Blocks is roughly six to seven months ahead of the administrator’s internal projections.

For different regions of the state and market segments uptake is very different. The Upstate Small Non-Residential portion of the program has already advanced to the seventh block, whereas incentives are only on the third block in ConEdison and Long Island Small Non-Residential. Current incentive levels vary from $0.20-0.80 per watt, depending on region and market segment.

New York is currently planning an ambitious overhaul of the structure of its distribution grid through the Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) proceeding, and NY-Sun will be folded into that program.