Chile: 316 MW-AC of solar PV came online in 2015


Solar PV plants with a capacity of 316 MW-AC started commercial operation last year in Chile, according to a report by the nation’s renewable energy center, CIFES. This new capacity went online mainly in January (almost 70 MW), May (almost 100 MW), July (over 60 MW) and August (almost 70 MW).

The capacity of solar PV in commercial operation was at 536 MW-AC at the end of last year. However, installed capacity – which comprises installations in commercial operation and in test phase – reached 848 MW by year’s end, according to the report.

At the end of 2014, installed PV capacity was at only 402 MW-AC.

Many more large PV projects are being built, and CIFES found 2,195 MW-AC of solar PV under construction at the end of last year in Chile. PV projects with environmental permit awarded or in process summed up more than 14 GW, however many of these applications may be speculative.

This year about 2 GW of solar PV is expected to be connected to the grid in Chile. According to the operators of the two main grids, this will include almost 300 MW of solar PV in January alone.

A version of this article appeared first in Spanish on the pv magazine LatinoAmérica website.