China sets 3 GW target for high-efficiency model PV installations


The country has set a target installation capacity of 3 GW for model PV plants to be installed in 2016, Taiwanese newspaper DigiTimes reports, citing China’s National Energy Administration (NEA).

The NEA requires that model power plants use PV modules made of solar cells with higher energy conversion rates. New NEA guidelines for 2016 call for modules used in general PV installations to be made of mono-Si solar cells with a minimum energy conversion rate of 16% or poly-Si cells of at least 15.5%.

Model PV installations will use modules equipped with higher efficiency cells, with energy conversion rates of 17% for mono-Si cells (allowing minimum power generation of 275 W and 300 W for modules with 60 and 72 mono-Si cells, respectively) and 16.5% for poly-Si cells (allowing minimum power generation of 270 W and 325 W for modules with 60 and 72 poly-Si cells, respectively).

China installed 16.5 GW of PV capacity last year, resulting in a cumulative capacity of 43 GW. Of that, however, the country installed only 1 GW of capacity from model PV systems.