Orison introduces plug-and-play energy storage system


California-based energy story company Orison on Monday unveiled its plug-and-play energy storage system.

The system, which is available for pre-order on Kickstarter, provides a networked, distributed energy storage solution that can store energy from any electricity source, including the grid or solar installations, allowing consumers to access energy whenever needed.

"With Orison, we can enable a rapid shift to a clean energy grid while helping consumers use electricity at the optimal times without reducing quality or time of service," said Eric Clifton, Orison co-founder and CEO.

The system can be connected to the grid and used to store energy when utility rates are low in order to power homes and businesses when rates are high, according to the company.

“If connected to solar, Orison allows consumers to locally store the energy they produce so that it will not be sold at a loss to the utility,” the company added, stressing that by localizing energy distribution, the device can help save money and reduce peak demand.

Orison said support from Kickstarter backers would help complete UL certification in the United States and finalize commercialization. The Kickstarter campaign offers limited special pre-order discounts and other incentives. Following the Kickstarter campaign, the system will be available for pre-order through Orison.energy. The first units are slated for delivery this summer.

Orison’s storage systems include two products, the Orison Panel and the Orison Tower. Both are plug-and-play, require no installation costs, permits or hardware and are designed for integration in indoor spaces.