SolarEdge ships 10 millionth power optimizer


The SolarEdge power optimizer may only be 10 years old but it has already surpassed 10 million shipments – with half that figure shipping in 2015 alone, the company has confirmed.

A statement issued by the Israeli-based specialist in PV inverters and module-level power electronics revealed that close to five million power optimizers were shipped globally last year.

The commercial market, particularly that in the U.S., has driven much of this growth over the past six years, while distributed solar growth in the residential sector has also given buoyancy to power optimizer technology.

Data gathered by analysts at IHS has forecast that power optimizers accounted for 15% of all global residential installations in 2015, rising to 30% for the U.S. residential market.

For SolarEdge, the company remarked that a growing acceptance and understanding of the technology among installers had helped power optimizers take hold in many new and established markets. "We are committed to continue providing innovative products to maximize installer benefits, such as increased profits and high-quality service," said SolarEdge VP of marketing and product strategy, Lior Handelsman.

To celebrate this latest milestone, SolarEdge also revealed that it has created 10 special optimizers adorned with the signatures of the company’s founders that will be placed as ‘Golden Ticket’ prizes in its global shipments, with each of the ten lucky customers that receives one at random to be awarded $10,000 in cash.

SolarEdge recently posted strong Q4 2015 results that revealed a 70.3% revenue increase when compared to Q4 2014, hitting $124.8 million in total and shipping 416 MW of inverters.