Teamtechnik unveils its new 65 MWp annual output stringer


Teamtechnik, the Freiburg, Germany-based supplier of solar machinery, has unveiled its new TT2100 stringer that the company claims is the fastest single track system in the world.

Able to deliver 2,100 cycles per hour, or 1.7 seconds for a single soldering cycle, the TT2100 boasts a throughput per stringer of 65 MW per year, and teamtechnik’s two stringer system, complete with six-axis robot, can thus achieve 130 MW throughput annually.

The machine is also able to process solar cells with up to six busbars, the company added, and can also save on floor space because the higher output attainable with the TT2100 means less room is required for the same throughput capacity.

In order to assist cost reduction, teamtechnik says its new machine also uses 10% less electricity and compressed air than previous models. “The pressure on costs in the solar industry is still enormous, so we are constantly striving to improve the performance of our stringer systems,” said teamtechnik executive vice president Axel Riethmüller.

"With system availability of up to 98%, and exceptionally high output, we help our customer to cut their production costs continually."

The TT2100 is an incremental upgrade on teamtechnik’s previous stringer iteration, the TT1800 that was unveiled at last year’s Intersolar Europe exhibition in Munich. This new tool delivers the same low cell breakage rates, accurate string geometries and ribbon positioning, while increasing the rate at which these processes are delivered to the customer.