E.ON and Solarwatt to partner on electricity storage system


E.ON, the German utility, has announced a partnership with Dresden-based Solarwatt GmbH that will nurture the rollout of modular storage systems based on Solarwatt’s MyReserve battery technology.

Launched in 2015, the MyReserve battery has been designed for home storage use, and comprises a user-friendly app that enables homeowners to easily visualize and manage their energy consumption patterns.

With more than 1.5 million solar arrays on private rooftops in Germany, E.ON’s domestic market represents a huge opportunity for storage expansion, and the Solarwatt MyReserve battery can be added to incrementally, making it a storage solution that can grow or contract as needed.

“An increasing number of customers want to become more energy autonomous,” said E.ON management board member Bernhard Reutersberg. “Together with Solarwatt we can offer them a complete solution that fits their individual needs.”

Reutersberg added that E.ON is aiming to become a leading storage provider in Germany, and the utility’s exploration of this space is a natural progression following its decision last year to spin-off its operating arms to be able to focus more steadily on renewable growth.

“Earning the trust of Germany’s largest energy supplier indicates the success of our product innovation, which has taken us from being a manufacturer of solar modules to being a provider of system solutions,” said Solarwatt principal owner Stefan Quandt.

The partnership follows swiftly on the heels of the news that the German solar+storage subsidy is to be extended to 2018. Following weeks of uncertainty, the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy confirmed on Monday that the scheme – which provides discounted credit for homeowners looking to add a storage system to their PV array – will run for a few more years, with an additional €30 million funding.